From 2022 summer time to now. I truly open my eyes level. So many genuine people and all doing so cool and all very smart!!!!! That I never think about that !

I learn a lot of new knowledge . So glad ! It's really from my heart. Thanks for so kindness to me.

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Enjoying your content 👌

re. Spaces - love them and I think another upside to creating your own spaces are that you will be able to set the pace and the topics. Spaces is a buzzword and a hot topic at the moment and that intimidates people.

Hope you have a great day 🤘

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gm gm! Top notch iteration as always! Thanks for the insight! 😎🖖🏽

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About the OE, 6529 has an interesting take on it: "If you are spending $20 to $100 for an edition, just consider it a round of drinks at the bar that you spent because you want the edition in your gallery. If you buy a lot of them, some may work out, but don't count on it."

Full thread: https://twitter.com/punk6529/status/1619744004719140864

On our end, we decided to not jump on the wagon even if we see the advantages as artists. Our plan is clear and we need to stick to it. But we've been collecting a few from our friends and I'm sure you did too, right? :)

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